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Preparation for your special event 



  • Makeup and hair inspirational images (please send before the appointment)

  • Wash your face in the morning and moisturize with your favorite moisturizer. (SPF is allowed)

  • For flawless makeup, it starts with healthy skin. Please exfoliate (and your lips) at least once a week.

  • Moisturize every night to keep your skin hydrated. (try a hydrating mask)

  • Airbrush makeup will not work well if you have dry or dead skin

  • Drinks lots of water

  • Bride -  bring a few lip colors to choose from. This will be the same color you use for touch-ups. 

  • Others - Bring the color of your choice for touch-up



  • Wash your hair the night before, use light conditioner if you have extremely coarse frizzy hair. If your hair tends to get oily, washing your hair in the morning will be okay. 

  • If you have oily hair, Do NOT use conditioner and wash your hair morning of your event. 

  • We will have extensions here; your artist will discuss details with you.

  • Be sure to blow dry your hair upwards/upside down.  

  • Please have your hair DRY prior to working with us. (we do NOT carry blow dyers or have time scheduled to dry your hair).

  • Lots of women like to tie their hair back. This will be okay, however, please be sure to tie a high ponytail, never low.

  • If possible, wear a zip or button top to prevent messing up your makeup/hair. Try for a top that matches the outfit you plan on wearing for your special event. 

  • Bridal Trial - If you hair accessories, bring those with you. (veil, hair pins, flowers, etc)


Touch up kit suggestions:


  • Lip color

  • Blush - Feel free to pick a color of your choice.  Be sure it is powder based.

  • Loose Powder - great for absorbing oily zones

  • Oil blotting paper - Also great for absorbing oily zones

  • Eyelash glue - The brand I use is called, "Duo."

  • Hairspray and hairpins

  • Bring straws to avoid retouch of the lipstick. 

  • Safety pins, scissors 



Looking for that beautiful glow? Unfortunately,

makeup can't do the trick. Drinking tons of water helps,

yet It's all about your daily skincare routine. Here are some highly recommended products:


TATCHA, THE SILK CREAM - A little heavier, love it as a night cream to keep your skin nice and hydrated. Goes on silky smooth.


GLAM GLOW - Wonderful for a fast fix! If your big day is just a day away and you haven't been following your daily regiment, Glam Glow will get you a quick glow effect in just one use. 

ORIGINS GINZING - Energy-Boosting Gel is lightweight, great for every day, especially during the day under your makeup. In fact, we use this a lot on our clients! It's great for all skin types. Sephora calls it's "Clean."


TATCHA, Rice Polish Foaming Enzyme Powder - Their exfoliator is wonderful. Their formula can gently polish away your dead skin cells to bring you fresh skin!


SATURDAY SKIN - Rub-A-Dub Refining Peel Gel - An exfoliator that can gently rub away dull skin and give you an instant glow.



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