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Makeup and Hair Artist Request 


Q: Which artist will I be working with?

A: When you contact us, our form will ask which artist you would prefer to work with. We will do our best to book the artist of your choice; if they are booked, we will work with you on securing another artist if available. 


Q: How do I choose which artist to work with?

A: Each of our artists has a unique skill, check out "choose your artist" to review some of his or her work. You can also view them on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest. 


Q: How do I know which artist will work best for me? 

A: Because each artist is unique; we can recommend one for you based on the look you're interested in. Feel free to email us a recent selfie and inspirational makeup and hairstyles for us to better assist you. 


Q: I see you offer airbrush makeup. What is airbrush makeup? 


Wedding Trials 


Q: How far in advance should I book my makeup and hair trial? 

A: We suggest to schedule a trial 4 - 5 months prior to your wedding date.


Q: How long does a trial take? 

A: Trials take approximately 3 hours.


Q: What is involved in a trial? 

A: We usually ask the bride to send us inspirational images of the look they're interested in and a recent photo of themselves. Once at the trial, we help them see what style fits them best. Common concerns are the hairstyle. Most brides can't figure out if they prefer their hair up or down. This will be something we discuss during the trial. Sometimes we do try both so the brides can visually see what they prefer on their wedding day. 


Q: Are trials mandatory? 

A: Trials are not mandatory, however highly suggested. We do get lots of brides from out of town that is unable to book a trial. Trials help both the bride and artist connect with each other; which can then help with the style the bride ends up with. Brides who get trials done are more relaxed on their big day when they know what to expect. 


Q: What should I bring on the trial day? 

A: Inspirational images, lip colors ( this will be the same one to use for their touch-up), hair accessories (veil, flowers, clips)



Wedding Day 


Q: How far in advance should I book for the wedding day?
A: 4 – 6 months is ideal. 


Q: How do I book an artist? 

A: Click on contact us, provide as much information and someone will get back to you. 


Q: What are your service price?
A: Please go to contact us. We do our best to accommodate your budget.


Q: How long do the makeup and hair take on the day of? 

A: Approximately 2.5 hours for the bride. 45mins - 1 hour for makeup or hair for the bridal party.



Preparation for your special event 



  • Makeup and hair inspirational images (need to be sent ahead)

  • Wash your face in the morning and moisturize with your favorite moisturizer. (SPF is allowed)

  • For flawless makeup, it starts with healthy skin. Please exfoliate (and your lips) at least once a week.

  • Moisturize every night to keep your skin hydrated. (try a hydrating mask)

  • Drinks lots of water

  • Bride -  bring a few lip colors to choose from. This will be the same color you use for touch-ups. 



  • Wash your hair the night before, if you have extremely coarse frizzy hair, use conditioner.

  • If your oily hair, Do NOT use conditioner and wash your hair morning of your event. 

  • We will have extensions here; your artist will discuss details with you.

  • Be sure to blow dry your hair upwards/upside down.  

  • Please have your hair DRY prior to working with us. (we do NOT carry blow dyers or have time scheduled to dry your hair).

  • Lots of women like to tie their hair back. This will be okay, however, please be sure to tie a high ponytail, never low.

  • If possible, wear a zip or button top to prevent messing up your makeup/hair. Try for a top that matches the outfit you plan on wearing for your special event. 


Touch up kit suggestions:


  • Lip color

  • Blush - Feel free to pick a color of your choice.  Be sure it is powder based.

  • Loose Powder - great for absorbing oily zones

  • Oil blotting paper - Also great for absorbing oily zones

  • Eyelash glue - The brand I use is called, "Duo."

  • Hairspray and hairpins

  • Bring straws to avoid retouch of the lipstick. 

  • Safety pins, scissors 


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